Adjustable Posture Corrector

Adjustable Posture Corrector - Full Body
Adjustable Posture Corrector
Adjustable Posture Corrector
Adjustable Posture Corrector
Adjustable Posture Corrector

Adjustable Posture Corrector

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Adjustable Posture Corrector

Poor posture can be painful, as well as detrimental to general health. This posture corrector will help correct posture, support your back and reduce shoulder and neck pain!

This corrector sits snugly against the body and is fully adjustable to help achieve the best fit. It can be worn on either top of or underneath clothing, while at the office, at the gym, and at home! Two supporting steel plates provide a physiotherapy effect on the back as well as providing support. Look confident, feel confident, and be healthier!

WHY Adjustable Posture Corrector?

Full Body Posture Corrector is not about a temporary fix. When your body adjusts to wearing our Posture Corrector, muscle memory will form so that even when taking it off, your body will naturally adjust to its newer and healthier posture. The lightweight but firm material is adjustable and made of breathable material which means you can wear it all day for maximum effect. Even under clothing!

Features & Functions:

  • Correct your posture and restore a healthier stance to your body.
  • Protect the waist with double pull strap closure.
  • Reduce lower back pain, slouching, and hunching.
  • Contribute to growing development.
  • Suitable for men and women, for bodybuilding, office, exercising, and daily wear.
  • Fully adjustable, comfortable, breathable quality materials & easy to wear without restricting movement.
  • Strategically placed strong stainless steel panels support the spine and lumbar region to ease back pain.
  • Aid standing taller and straighter to help you look better and feel younger.

Material: Neoprene, Supporting steel panels, Velcro

Weight: 352g

Package Includes: 1 X Posture Corrector Belt

Please Note: This item may run a little smaller in person than in the picture size guide, however, it can be adjusted down to fit when wearing. When selecting a size, use your measurements with the provided size guide to choose a category, then select the next size up to ensure the best fit.

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